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Preschool Openings at YLC

We have openings in our Preschool Classrooms at both of our locations!

At the Wallingford Family YMCA, we take pride in our child care programs led by highly qualified educators and skilled caregivers so you can have peace of mind while you work to help your family succeed. In an age-appropriate environment, our experienced teachers provide developmentally appropriate programs for each individual age group. For the times you can’t be there yourself, we offer safe, affordable, high-quality care for children and support your efforts to nurture the healthy growth of your child.

Your 3 year old is learning through exploring, using all the senses. Through play your child is developing their reasoning skills and will get very involved in dramatic play. Language for your 3 year old is taking off. They are learning many new words and at this age begin to initiate conversations. We will encourage their curiosity of letters and numbers through many fun learning activities in the Preschool classroom. Children are engaged in active learning and are able to make a variety of choices during their activities because we focus on process and not product. Ample materials are available to children to explore in the classroom under the watchful eye of their teachers. Children discuss and share their observations and learning experiences with classmates & teachers.

The preschool classroom includes Choice Time, Small & Large Group Time, Art, Math & Literacy, Technology, Music & Movement, Cooking, Sand & Water Experiences and Toys & Games. The outdoor environment is designed to provide an extension to the classroom and allows various science and discovery experiments. The classroom is limited to twenty children with two teachers.

The Preschool years are fun, challenging, tiresome, trying, testing, and filled with emerging independence, growth and love. It is a time when children realize that they are each individual and find their own unique personality. In this room your child will increase their awareness of colors, shapes, letters, written words, name writing, learning phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays. They will also be encouraged to develop their self-help skills, motor skills and social skills. We are here to comfort, encourage and support your child as well as you as the parent.

The Preschool curriculum is broad, relevant, engaging and meaningful to each child and emphasizes development of a child’s thinking, reasoning, decision-making, and problem-solving strategies. It stresses the value of social interaction to learning in all domains and provides opportunities to learn from peers. Our preschool classroom is limited to sixteen children with two teachers. Daily communication between parents and staff is essential to providing the best experience possible for every child. Twice a year, a developmental checklist will be sent home informing you on how your child is doing with their skills.

Schedule a tour today! Contact Emily Walter, Director of Child Care Services, for more information.

Financial Assistance is available & we accept Care4Kids. 

Facility Update

On Tuesday, February 28, the Wallingford Family YMCA, including the Learning Communities at Choate & Masonicare will OPEN at 9:00AM.

Storm Club will open at 7:00AM and drop off will be at the KinderHouse at 16 Wallace Street.

As a reminder, all classes & programs are CANCELLED until 12:00PM today. A decision will be made by 10:00AM for afternoon classes & programs.